Dear Company Members and Guardians


We are so close now to our performances with this weekend being our last studio rehearsal.   Please also see below an advance reminder of the schedule for the Theatre Rehearsal and Performance Weekend


Friday 1st April: Theatre Rehearsal at Karralyka Theatre Mines Road Ringwood

3:45pm: Scene 1 Cast to arrive for wardrobe & onstage warm up: Juniors, Inters, Seniors, Leading Artists & Principal Artists.  Enter via foyer and sign in at table. 

4:30pm – 8pm: Scene 1 Full Dress Rehearsal.  Cast require hair done but no make up 


Saturday 2nd April: Theatre Rehearsals & Evening Performance Karralyka Theatre Ringwood

9am Scene 2 Cast Members arrive for wardrobe & warm up:  Enter via foyer and sign in at table. Sub

Seniors, Leading Artists & Principal Artists. Cast require hair done but no makeup

9:30am - 12pm Scene 2 Theatre Dress Rehearsal

11am Scene 3 Cast Members: arrive for wardrobe & warm up Juniors, Inters, Seniors,

12pm – 3pm Scene 3 Theatre Rehearsal:  ENTIRE Cast required. Hair done but no make up needed

3pm – 5pm Cast break:  Note parents/carers not permitted backstage.  Preference that cast go offsite in this break.

5:30pm Cast to arrive backstage again with Hair and Make up already completed. 

6pm Cast Warm up on Stage in full costume hair and make up

7pm Performance 1 with estimated 9pm conclusion


Sunday 3rd April: Performances Karralyka Theatre Ringwood Matinee 

10:30am Cast arrival with hair and makeup already complete

11:00am Cast Warm up on Stage

11:30am Cast photo on stage & Season 2 Scholarship presentation

12:30pm Matinee Performance.

2:30pm Conclusion of performance. Please leave costumes and headpieces in dressing room



  • Costumes will be at the theatre ready for the cast when they arrive. 

  • Dancers are required to provide their own undergarments, tights and shoes. 

  • Costumes are taken to the theatre by SYBC and must be left at the theatre by company members.

  • Costumes must not be removed from the theatre at any stage. 

  • At the end of performance costumes must be packed away and left neatly as found before the 

performances by all company members. 



Programs will be available for purchase in the foyer at the performance for $15



Order your forever copy of the stage performance of Coppelia.   USB’s will be available for collection approximately 2 weeks after the performance from the SYBC studios.  Alternatively you can provide a self addressed pre-paid envelope and the USB will be posted to you.

Order UBS at trybooking:


General photography is not permitted in the theatre or by the audience.  However, an exciting opportunity for casts to purchase all photo’s taken by our commissioned professional photographer for only $30      Our photographer from En Pointe Productions will be photographing the Sunday matinee performance.    These photo’s will then be available for anyone who has booked and paid via our try booking link.  They will have access to download ALL photo’s taken during the performance. 

Order photo’s at trybooking:



For performances we require that dancers have 

  • Females Theatrical Pink Tights 

  • Females: Leather ballet shoes with ribbons (no canvas shoes)

  • Skin coloured dance briefs/underwear for females. 

  • Skin coloured dance bras with clear plastic straps at shoulder and at back 

  • Males: white ballet shoes and white socks

  • Males: plain skin coloured or white underpants – no patterns or bright colours as they will have white pants on for a costume

  • Water bottle. Only water permitted in dressing rooms

  • Snacks in lunch boxes with minimal wrapper waste please as there is not much bin space in the dressing rooms.

  • Bring plenty of spare bobby pins for attaching head pieces

  • Bring spare safety pins, hair spray, hair nets & make up

  • It is always sensible to pack a spare pair of the correct ballet tights in case of holes or ladders



  • Company members must sign in on arrival in the theatre foyer before entering backstage. 

  • Costumes must not be worn out into the foyer or outside the theatre at any time - $20 fine applies. 

  • Company members must change into a nice outfit when leaving the dressing room after performance.

  • Company members must not leave the backstage area during interval.

  • No eating in costume. Please remove costumes and put on a leotard or casual clothes when eating. 

  • Water only allowed in dressing room. No coloured drinks or soft drinks 

  • No photography permitted in dressing rooms/change rooms. This is now law in Victoria. 

  • No parents or guests permitted in the dressing room or backstage

  • All personal items and rubbish must be removed from the dressing rooms before leaving (bins are 

provided in the dressing rooms. .



Please see the below video link for makeup instruction. State Youth Ballet Company requires dancers to supply their own makeup in compliance with the SYBC make-up guidelines. Company members are required to do their own make-up prior to arriving at the theatre. 


  • Stage foundation & Translucent Powder, Blush 

  • Eyebrow Pencil, liquid eye liner, Mascara & false eyelashes

  • Eyeshadow (Dark Brown, cream/white). 

  • Red Lipstick. 

Make up tutorial link

Dear Company Members and Parents/Carers


Please find attached the week 5 schedule for Sunday’s rehearsal.    As we are now entering the final weeks of Sunday rehearsals it is imperative that all cast members are present unless in forced isolation due to Covid 19 requirements.  



This Sunday 6tth March our cast will have their headshots taken for the Coppelia Program during the standard rehearsal hours.  Please ensure you are beautifully groomed with hair in bun (sprayed).  Please also let us know if you need to update your dance school detials that you are representing as this is also listed in the program. 



Due to delay’s with our costume company who are making the Coppelia Costumes we need to move the costume fitting day to Sunday 20th March.   This is the only time we will be able too fit costumes before we move into the Theatre on Friday 1st April. 

  • 9am – 10am: Junior Artists: Village Children & Wedding Flower Girls & Page Boys

  • 10am – 11am Intermediate Artists:  Czardas & Wedding Guests 

  • 11am – 12pm Sub Senior Artists:  Spanish Dolls, Scottish Dolls, Dolls, Waltz of the Hours

  • 12pm – 1pm   Leading Artists & Senior Artists & Soloists: Swanhilda Girlfriends,  Mazurka, Wedding Guests, 



Ticket’s for our Coppelia season go on sale this Thursday 3rd March from 9am for all company members.  

Tickets will open up to the general public from next Monday 7th March giving company members priority ticket sales on a first in best dressed basis.  

Tickets must be purchased via trybooking.  

Please use the link for all bookings.



Initially we will be listing two performances for Sale.  Saturday Evening Performance 7pm - 10pm and Sunday Matinee performance 12pm - 2pm.    

Should these performances sell out a 3rd performance will be added on Sunday Evening at 7pm.   


In addition to ticket availability our performance decisions are also based on  being conservative when considering our leading artists and Principal Artists well being for injury prevention.  The Coppelia production and choreography requirements are very demanding for those in Leading Artist and Principal Artist roles meaning that performing the ballet twice in one day willi only be done if deemed safe and necessary.   Should a 3rd performance be added then our understudy cast would be likely to perform the Sunday Matinee and our first cast would perform the Saturday and Sunday evening shows.   The Junior, Intermediate, Sub Senior and Senior Corp De Ballet Casts would perform in all 3 shows.